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Ambrotose LIFE Overview

Over the past 20 years, Mannatech has invested millions of
dollars into research and validation in developing Ambrotose®
products. Numerous studies have been published in peerreviewed
journals about Ambrotose powders††, indicating that
Ambrotose LIFE can:

• Support cellular communication*
• Improve cognitive function, concentration and memory*
• Improve mood and decrease irritability*
• Support digestive function*
• Support immune function*
• Promote gastrointestinal health*

Introducing EMPACT+™


For the first time ever, the major elements of fueling, hydration and recovery have been combined into a single fitness product. EMPACT+ provides safe energy that you can enjoy any time. You’ll be able to do more—and recover faster.

• Provides a safe, delicious drink option all day, any day
• Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity*†
• Provides a wide spectrum of beneficial electrolytes
• Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management*‡
• Help support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery*‡
• Long-term use (3-4 weeks) may aid in preserving muscle and energy levels during
periods of calorie restriction*‡


Trillions of cells in your body communicate with each other to get exactly what they need, but age, stress, unhealthy eating and exposure to our toxic world can impair that ability. Supplementing with glyconutrients, like those found in Ambrotose LIFE, helps your cells communicate better, so they—and you can be at your healthiest.*.


Don’t hide when someone pulls out a camera. Get to your ideal size. Empact +  is the perfect product for the immediate energy you need for the activity and workouts you’ve started with TruHealth. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you try our product and are not completely
satisfied, you may return it within 180 days of purchase for an
exchange or refund of the product price and applicable tax.


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